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A String of Lights

Hey everyone, Brennan here. This was sent to the 'Strange' e-mail address four years ago and I thought I would share it here.

When I was little, maybe around 7 or 8, me and my sisters where playing outside in the dark. I don't remember what we were doing, but I do remember seeing a string of lights maybe like a few inches off the ground, moving. Honestly, it looked maybe like a line of lightning bugs just wiggling right above the ground by my feet. I don't remember what color these lights were, but I know I was scared and ran inside behind my sisters, who hadn't seen it. They even told me it was probably lightning bugs. So that was that.

Honestly, I forgot about it for a long time but sometime in my teen yrs (again, I don't know how old I was) I was living in the same house and taking the dogs outside when the memory of the lights suddenly came back to me.

What's crazy, and what I can't explain, is that just after I remembered seeing them, I looked down and saw the same exact thing again - it looked like just a string of lights, wiggling a few inches above the ground. Immediately I was terrified - just by randomly thinking of something, I was seeing it again.

I haven't seen it since - honestly, I haven't even thought much about it. Have you heard anything like this? Do you have any idea ? Or is this just me? 


K, this is a new one on me but now that it's up on the site, maybe someone else will be able to weigh in.


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