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Bigfoot along the Alkolkolex River?

In 2018, a report was submitted to the r/Bigfoot subreddit, which I have recently found and included below. The original post includes photographs and speculation can be found here.

I spend 70-90 days a year in the bush, mostly hunting, scouting and looking for antlers. Sometimes I hunt with family/friends, but most of the time I'm on my own, so I'm pretty comfortable and confident out there. Last weekend I was on a 5 day trip hunting trip south east of Revelstoke BC. The first night I camped, sleeping in the back of the truck, 30 kilometers up the Akolkolex river. I made a small fire and passed out shortly after 10. At 1:30, I woke with my hackles up because I could hear small noises outside.

Now I had 2 coolers that I put outside to make room to sleep in the truck: an empty one just a few feet from the fire, and a full one which I had wedged under the truck. After laying there with my eyes open for possibly 20 minutes I hear something tap on the empty cooler 5 or 6 times. As soon as I heard the noise i started yelling the normal "hey bear, git outta here" as I racked a round into my 270. I spun around in the back of the truck, while still in my sleeping bag, so that the muzzle of my gun was now pointed at the tail gate. Right away, it hit me that it wasn't a bear because I would've heard claws on the cooler lid, and this sounded like a finger, plus....bears don't tap.

I locked everything I could without getting out of the truck and closed the windows and lay there in my sleeping bag with my thumb on the safety. Within 10-20 mins it came back and slapped the truck above the driver side, rear wheel well. Wasn't hard enough to rock the truck but I felt it, and never heard it approach or run away. It wasn't until the birds started chirping that I fell back to sleep.


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