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Darkness on Cedar Street

I lived in a house up on Cedar Street like 10 years ago, and I could hear footsteps wandering around the house when I was home alone. I'd be having a bath thinking, that somebody was in my house, but then I'd look out the bathroom door and there would be absolutely nobody around and all my doors would be locked.

I remember waking up a few times and there was a dark figure standing in the doorway of my bedroom also, or my door would close open by itself. One day I was having a nap and was woken up by “something“ that had ahold of my feet and was shaking me - I was actually being shaken back and forth. Even remembering it now gives me the creeps.

There were so many bad vibes and feelings there we didn’t last long. My son wouldn’t even sleep in his room and always had to sleep with us, I woke up once and he was staring at me with this weird, faraway look, rocking back and forth. I almost ran out side in bare feet and pajamas in the middle of winter to get the hell out of there with him .

Also, a Xmas tree was shaking, and all the bulbs were flying off. All around weird experiences with no logical explanation. Now I won’t be able to sleep again remembering this, haha Michelle

Michelle also helpfully provided the full street address of this particular house but I won't be publishing those here, just in case. Some people are not real happy when they find out their house has a reputation like this


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