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The Girl at Blanket Creek

If you've read "A Strange Little Place" (and if not, there's no better time, you can pick up a signed copy at you'll know the story of the little girl in the blue dress. What you may not know is that after my appearance on "Coast to Coast AM" I was contacted by a number of people who had also seen her in different places, including New Jersey. This is the first mention I've heard of strange goings on in the Blanket Creek area, but if you have heard more, please let me know

My wife and I both saw a little girl in a blue dress. Back in 2011 (May long weekend), we were camping at Blanket Creek Park, near the ruins of the old homestead. After a long night around the campfire we went to bed around midnight.

Both of us woke around 3am for a pee (we were in my truck camper, with no toilet). We stepped out the door, walked 10’ to the bushes. I was going on a tree and she was squatting in the grass. As I was peeing, I saw a blue glowing figure about 15’ away from me, kinda tucked in a leafless bush. I looked hard, to make sense of what I was seeing.

At first I thought it was the ass end of a white-tail deer, somehow reflecting the faint moonlight. Nope, this was clearly a blueish, faintly glowing, dress. Looked to be child’s size. I stared at this thing for about 60 seconds while I was peeing. I couldn’t make out any real features of the little girl, but she looked like she was hiding in this bush, looking at me.

Kinda freaked me out, so when I was finished peeing, all I wanted to do was head straight back into the camper, all the while keeping an eye on the glowing figure. Wife and I got back into the camper when I was like, "Did you see that?!" And she was like, "Oh my god! You saw it too?"

She claims to be more sensitive to things like that, so she didn’t say anything to me while we were both outside doing our business.

I 100% believe a saw a ghost.



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