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Why Revelstoke?

Revelstoke Bridge smaller.jpg

The small town of Revelstoke, population 6500, is located in the western Canadian province of British Columbia, between the Monashee and Selkirk mountain ranges. 


Despite being situated along Highway 1, part of the Trans-Canada Highway, it is still something of a remote place – of the four roads leading out of town, only two will lead you to neighboring communities, the closest of which is an hour’s drive through highways which are regularly closed by mudslides in spring and avalanches in winter.   


The other 2 roads, north and south, dead-end in reservoirs; meanwhile, you are hemmed in on all sides by 7500 vertical feet of rock.  All that is to say, once Revelstoke has you, it decides when to let you go.

Those  mountain surroundings have made Revelstoke a world-famous ski destination, but for decades the thousands of tourists who visited the city looking for adventure were unaware Revelstoke had a much older, more secret legacy:  it is what’s known as a “window area”, a place where paranormal activity such as hauntings, lights in the sky, cryptid sightings and much more are reported at a rate far higher than normal. 

The book “A Strange Little Place:  The Hauntings and Unexplained Events of One Small Town” documented a portion of Revelstoke’s high strangeness, both past and present, and the goal of this website is to continue that documentation in a way that allows people to share their own experiences.

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