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A Green Almost-Helicopter

This story was sent in anonymously several years ago and part of it was incorporated into "Strange", but I wanted to include the full text here as it relates the previous post.

So here goes: my son and I were driving home, back out south along Airport Way. It was approximately 4-5 pm, not dark out at all. We were coming down Red Devil Hill and had come around the last corner before the straight stretch when I saw it. It was hovering at the tree tops, on the same side as the houses there. At first I thought, "That's weird that a helicopter is hovering there."

Quickly, I realized it definitely was not a copter but was football shaped and approximately the size of a helicopter. It had fog all around it, and a band of pale green light around the mid section. It made no sound, no trees were moving, yet it was only a few feet above the tree tops. I was so close to it I couldn't believe it. I looked over to my son and said "Look at that!" and literally 2 seconds after it took off. And when I say took off, I mean faster than anything I have ever seen. It was unbelievable.

It was perpendicular to the road with what I assume was its rear pointed toward Williamson lake, because it flew away toward town. The trees did not move when it flew away, nor did it make noise. All I know is, if there were little green men inside, the speed it left at must have really put them back in the seat. I laugh when I think of alien's faces pushed back from the g force!



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