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The Green Light

If you've read "Strange" (and if you haven't, you can pick up a copy by clicking here) you'll know this is far from the only encounter locals have had with an inexplicable green light that seems to take over the whole sky. In fact, one of those experiences was mine and it happened within a couple years of the one below, so reading this particular story blew my mind.

When I was about 10 or 11 years old, it was fall and I was outside. It was dark out, the sun having just gone down behind the mountains. I was with someone - either my brother or my cousin, and I don’t recall what we were doing or why we were out. We were at the end of McKinnon Road, at the bottom of the trail/hill (nicknamed Suicide Hill when I was a kid) that connects McKinnon Road to Upper McKinnon Road, on the next bench up in Arrow Heights.

Anyways, we were walking towards my house and suddenly the entire sky just lit up with a bright green flash of light. Not like a 'hey look at that light over there’ flash, but across the entire sky all at once, with what felt like a really intense light that lasted maybe a second. And then it was gone, like it never happened.

We went inside and asked, “Hey, did you guys see that big green flash? What was that?” And they had no clue what we were talking about.



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